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Screw New Years Resolutions!!!

According to my fitday I'm 30 lbs fatter since the beginning of last year. I WANTED TO LOSE WEIGHT NOT GAIN IT!!!! I hate myself.


hahahha *high five*

i started my diet on tuesday. wish me luck. i'm doing ok but no exercise so far. i fucking hate to exercise! haha
haha I exercised yesterday but I drank pop and I really want to get off of it. Good luck on your diet, what are you doing? I haven't eaten anything or drank anything but water today, so I might try to start my own diet too... haha I'm so stupid.
i'm trying to count my points (weight watchers).. have you tried switching to diet pop? it might not taste that great but at least it has zero calories.
I thought about the diet pop thing, I think I just need to stop drinking it all together. I'm thinking about trying to watch the points too. I only ate once today (just stressed and tired)and I exercised too. So I'm heading in the right direction with the exercise. Good luck to you!
i want to quit drinking it all together too but what i'm saying is that if you need to drink it (i.e. you're craving it), maybe you should have a diet instead! :) good luck to you too... i didn't do so well yesterday but if i'm good the rest of the week maybe that will make up for it!

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