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Death Cab for Cutie!

Okay so I logged on the Death Cab's site and was a little scared at the announcement that the videos would be released on Jan 23rd and there were only 11 (there are 12 songs on the album). I was scared because I thought maybe Sammy's video was cut! Then this was posted:
Thu 01-12-06
Death Cab Unveil 'Directions'
Death Cab for Cutie has announced details of their upcoming “DIRECTIONS,” an innovative anthology of 12 short films inspired by each song on the band’s acclaimed album PLANS. Every song will be delivered by a different director. 11 of the videos will be unveiled one by one at www.deathcabforcutie.com. The first of which will be 'Marching Bands of Manhattan' on January 23. The entire collection will be available on dvd to purchase April 11, 2006. Among the filmmakers contributing to “DIRECTIONS” are Lance Bangs, P.R. Brown, Ace Norton, Jeffrey Brown,Lightborne, Autumn de Wilde, Rob Schrab, Laurent Briet and Monkmus, as well as Aaron Stewart-Ahn . Be sure and check the website for more details in the coming days!

*There is going to be a DVD for sale with Sammy's video on it, which I believe would lead us to believe that the video might get shown on a music video channel!

**and Lightborne is the company that shot Sammy's video so I'm pretty sure it didn't get cut out!!!

Anyway I'm super excited because he did such a great job and they zoomed in on his face 2 times towards the end of the video....

Wow, excited =)


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