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Birthday blahs.

It's my birthday, I feel old. I had this big meaningful post built up about birthday's but I'm too tired to think about it.


join the club. i feel old too and i'm 28! :)
I feel unacomplished in the fact that I'm still VERY over weight and not completely done my degree and in a good paying job. HOWEVER I do feel acomplished in other ways, lately I just feel like I want everything yesterday. I watch TV and see like Lindsay Lohan and say oh I'm not that much older than her and then I think hell who am I kidding? I'm 6 years older than her!!! GRRR.
i am upset that i have gained some weight too.. my new years resolution is to lose 30 pounds. i'm going to join weight watchers online again too.. now i will be able to afford it. if i don't monitor/write down what i eat and exercise, i don't lose weight. i need to get serious.

you are accomplished though as you said. it's impossible to be accomplished in all ways and there will always be things about ourselves that we aren't happy with.. but only we have the power to change that! :)
oh I know, just depressed thats all. It just makes me sick knowing that its going to take me 10 years for a 4 year degree. oh well.
well better late than never! :)
yeah. Aren't you supposed to be working? hehe
i'm SOOOOOO bored!!! i wish it was 5pm but it's only 3pm!
oh you on yahoo?
we can't have yahoo messenger at work in the chicago office.. IT will not let us download it :(
oh icky. I figured a way around it when I worked at my old work. It would let us download it but not use it, had to do with the firewalls.
yeah we don't have any authority to install software on our machines..
Happy birthday. Don't feel old because we are all going to live longer! Hm, that sounded weird. You are young, vibrant and great!
awwww thanks =)

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