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I'm in.... HEAT?

Hahah no... not really. I saw HOT HOT HEAT last night. It was amazing! So much to talk about. Let's start here:

1. We thought HHH were going to headline the show, they weren't it was a band called the Editors. They were really good and I actually enjoyed them a lot. Okay so back on track.
2. Before the first act started a seriously crazy thing happened. This small girl comes walking up the stairs carrying what we agreed on was a small girly looking man. Anyway he was hunched over and looking as he was going to puke everywhere! Anyway he starts wavering back and forth... and falls face first on the floor, right next to my feet!! So he is helped up by his little companion. He begins to waver again and falls on to a railing and as he did this, his pants fall down!!!! By this time everyone is watching and laughing... off runs the girl. He then walks a little further down and falls over some chairs and onto a table! It was crazy. People amuse me so much sometimes. Later we saw the girl and several men carrying him out.
3. LOUIS XIV opened - At first I liked them. Then they started to get old. Then... there was a man singing that we thought was a girl singing but it was a guy. It scared the crap out of me. They played this song and I have no idea how I knew it. It was something about a Chocolate girl and an Asian girlfriend and wanting to squeeze some carrot juice... WTF?
4. HHH played one of my favorite songs and they only played for 35 minutes!!!! I whined and this guy infront of us heard me. Anyway about 4 songs into the Editors he comes in and gets into my face and grabs me by my shoulders and says there is a guy from HHH downstairs... go talk to him. So, worried this guy was crazy and would follow me and kill me, I went to check it out. Anyway there he was the bassist from HHH. He was really cool, very nice. I told him I wish they would have been the main act and I wanted them to play longer than 35 minutes! I was so excited.
5. The guy from Louis XVI walks around making sex eyes at everyone in the place. I make eyes at him, but he's wasted... and he has a guy that might be a girl singer... strange..
6. The Editors were great and the singer is my new imaginary boy friend.

This is the condensed version. I had so much fun! What a great time.


hahahhaa you make me crack up. man we see some messed up things, don't we? lol what a great time!

August 2008

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